Maindeck product updates - February 2020

Product updates

Elasticsearch, App Store launch, new work order view and more. Below is a list of the key releases we have made through February.

Elasticsearch - for a smarter experience

The search bar inside the app can now handle typos as well as the ability to search for content inside work orders - such as attached documents or text inside the description field.

We have also released new filters. With these new filters, you can apply many different at the same time. The changes to the search result is instant.

Our app is now launched on App Store

No more beta program. As a Maindeck customer you can now download our app from both the App Store and Google Play and start using the app right away. Your login credentials are the same.

We have also launched a few updates to the mobile app. You can now specify even more details when you are creating a new work order through the mobile app, and as always this also works while being offline. The app now also comes with it's own database so it can handle endless amounts of data while you are offline.

New, user friendly work order design

We have redesigned the work order view to make it easier for you to navigate. You can now view the progress directly on the work order list, without having to take any further action. The progress is automatically updated through all the progress updates sent by people in the field using the mobile app.

In addition, this redesign facilitates the Elasticsearch functionality we have released - the new view allows for showing you a preview of work order content that matches your search, without having to expand the work order to see it.

Gain necessary insights with project statistics

With the project statistics you are able to quickly view the key statistics of the project - seeing where the project stands at each time.

Upload functionality that tackles poor connections

With the new upload functionality you are able to upload images while having a poor and unstable internet connection. If the connection is lost in the middle of an upload, the upload will automatically be paused and can be resumed later when there is a connection again.