Connect Maindeck to any system

Maindeck works as a brick that you can place on top of your existing stack of software for a seamless integration. No need for double entry of data.

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Maindeck building block integration and interface

Use cases

Provide updates on job progress with images, comments and percentage progress directly on site, with or without internet connection.

PMS sync

Two-way integration with your PMS system to synchronise work orders, either by populating data from the PMS or feeding "work done information" back to it.

Procurement sync

Two-way integration with your procurement system to synchronise purchase orders, either by populating data from the procurement system or feeding updated data back to it.

Usage-based triggers

Automatically trigger work orders based on actual equipment utilisation such as run hours, maintenance schedule, and more.

Condition-based triggers

Automatically trigger maintenance based on real-time equipment condition from sensors, such as vibration, temperature, pressure, lubrication, and more.

Set up an interface with any system

Maindeck is a fully versatile product, allowing you to build interfaces to any other system. Our API offers endless easy ways to sync applications, data, and workflows. With our long list of endpoints, there's simply no limit to what you can do.

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Use cases

Stay connected to key information, optimise workflows across systems, and avoid having to re-enter information already added elsewhere.
A pipe illustrating streamlining processesA pipe illustrating streamlining processes
Streamline workflows
by connecting to productivity tools.
Collect real-time data
from your PMS, procurement software and more to get a birds-eye view of your projects.
Save time
by ensuring that all your systems are updated without having to switch systems or log data twice.
Improve the user experience
by ensuring your colleagues don't have to double-enter information across different systems.

Maximise visibility with a single source of truth for your dry-docking projects

With Maindeck, setting up a new project specification is quick and easy by simply reusing earlier work. During the yard stay, it allows us to easily track and update projects while making sure we don't miss anything. The reporting is also made much easier with the report templates automatically including necessary data. Comparing Maindeck to other software, it's both much easier to use and simultaneously better at tracking the small details.

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