What's new on Maindeck?

Maindeck is a fully mature software being utilised daily by the many hundreds of users across the globe. But even the best software must continuously improve itself, and Maindeck is no exception. Below is a list of some of the key feature releases.
September 2023

Introducing the Fleet Dashboard

An illustration of Maindeck's fleet dashboard

We are happy to introduce the fleet dashboard. This is an overview available for admins displaying your company’s projects. The dashboard has all projects on a timeline, allowing you to clearly see who’s in charge of each project, types of projects and the phase they are in. Admins can also create new projects directly from the dashboard.

September 2023

Voice to notes

Illustration of a microphone and sound waves

We're pleased to announce a new voice-to-text feature on the mobile app, designed to make adding activity updates even more seamless. Users can now simply speak to add notes on activity updates. This comes in particularly handy when trying to add notes with dirty and oily fingers.

August 2023

Introducing Yard evaluations

An image illustrating the yard evaluation form

Superintendents can now fill out a yard evaluation form for each project. Provide your assessment on several different topics, which provides the yard with a score which is stored and made available across your organization. These evaluations will allow your colleagues to make better yard-selection decisions based on your organization's accumulated experience over time.  

Moreover, the completed evaluation is available as a smart variable that can be included in your final report template. This in turn allows you to have the yard evaluation included automatically when generating the final report.

August 2023

Introducing the Command palette

An image showing the command palette on Maindeck

Quickly access your go-to options with our new command function! Simply press Command+K, and a prompt will appear with various choices, letting you swiftly make your selection without shuffling through pages.

July 2023

Updates to the mobile app

An image of our mobile app

The latest release to our mobile app includes the option to include your job codes in front of the work order names, and the ability to update your profile picture. We've also revamped the UI for an enhanced user experience.

July 2023

Additional options when exporting

An image showing the export options on Maindeck

We have added two new options for exporting your project specifications, giving you greater control over the output:

Compact PDF export: Now, you can generate a compact version of the PDF that optimizes space and reduces the number of pages.
Customizable picture layout: Tailor your PDF by choosing how many pictures will be printed on each page.

With these new features, exporting and sharing your project specifications is more convenient and personalized.

June 2023

Introducing the Pre-Execution phase

An illustration for the new Pre-Execution phase in Maindeck

We're thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our software - the Pre-Execution phase.

During this phase, you can fine-tune your project, making final adjustments to the scope and cost. It's your chance to implement those last-minute changes and updates, ensuring a seamless execution.

May 2023

In-app support widget

Maindeck's in-app support widget

With its intelligent features, you can now find the answers you need in no time. Utilising our smart search field, it effortlessly locates the most relevant articles and solutions tailored to your specific query. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to instant assistance.

April 2023

Time stamps for project milestone dates

Time stamps in milestone dates table

At your request, we have added time stamps for the project's milestone dates. This time stamps are also available as smart variables so that you can include them automatically in your reports.

April 2023

Introducing the Project Dashboard

An illustration showing the project dashboard on Maindeck

The latest addition to our suite of tools, the project dashboard, is an intuitive and user-friendly interface that optimises project management. We listened to your feedback and designed the dashboard to align with your needs. We have placed everything you need at your fingertips, offering powerful visualisation tools with clear insights on anything from the overall project overview to individual progress updates.

March 2023

Document upload for yard candidates

This feature is designed to help you manage and organise all the files you receive from yard candidates with ease. Upload relevant documents, such as proposals, plans, or certifications, and then view or download documents anytime, anywhere.

February 2023

A new project list

Illustration showing the new project list UI

We're excited to announce the release of our new and improved project list! We've upgraded the interface to make it even more user-friendly, and added a brand new filtering feature to help you easily find the projects you're looking for. We understand that many of our customers work on multiple projects at once, so we've made it a priority to provide a solution that makes managing your workload easier. With our new filtering feature, you can quickly sort through your project list and find exactly what you need. We hope this update will improve your experience and help you work more efficiently.

February 2023

Import fleet particulars from Excel

Great news for our users with large fleets! We're excited to announce that we've added a new feature to allow you to easily import your fleet-wide vessel particulars from Excel. This will be a huge time-saver for those of you who need to bulk update data.

To use the new import feature, simply export your vessel data to an Excel file, make any necessary updates, and then re-upload the file to our system. Our import tool will automatically update all of the vessels in your fleet with the new information, saving you hours of manual data entry.

We understand that managing a large fleet can be a complex task, and our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. We hope this new feature will help you streamline your workflow and keep your fleet up-to-date with ease.

January 2023

Payment terms and penalties on the comparison matrix

A view comparing yard payment terms and penalties

Payment terms and penalties are an important aspect to consider when selecting a yard for your project. You are now able to include it in the comparison view. It will also appear on your yard comparison report.

December 2022

Gantt chart PDF export

We noticed that it's popular to print the Gantt chart and post it on the vessel for everyone to see. Therefore, we have added an option to export the Gantt chart to PDF.

November 2022

Filter yard candidates in the comparison matrix

Filter yard candidates on the comparison matrix

During the tendering process, the comparison matrix can become difficult to analyse when have a big list of yard candidates. As you start shortlisting candidates, it's great to be able to narrow down the matrix as well. With this new feature, you will be able to do just that. Simply hide the shipyards that are no longer being considered. All their quotation data will still be stored and available in case you change your mind, but navigating the comparison matrix is much easier. In addition, your yard comparison report will look a lot cleaner.

October 2022

Notification on missing work order connection

Notifications on connected work orders to supplies

Connecting supplies to the work orders that require them, comes with many benefits. Although it's not required, it is recommended. To make connecting supplies to work orders easier, we have added notifications that will help you along the way.

October 2022

Manage different lists of account codes

A screenshot showing how to add a new list of account codes

With this new feature it's easy for third party managers to represent different ship owners, each with their own, specific account list. Easily add all the different account code lists in your account settings, and when creating a project, select the account list that applies to the project. This will allow you to automatically generate custom cost overviews for each of the owners you represent.

October 2022

Securing unsaved work

Pop-up notification when attempting to leave a page with unsaved work

Forgetting to hit the save button is easy in a hectic work day. In order to avoid loosing unsaved work, we have added a notification that appears when you attempt to leave a page with unsaved work.

October 2022

Improvements to the Budgeting and cost page

The latest improvements made to our budgeting and cost page will make it more more familiar to our users and therefore easier to navigate.

September 2022

Upgrades to the project specification export

We've made several improvements to the project specification exports. The table of contents now also includes the work order codes, making it easier to reference the various work orders. In addition, the work orders in the table of contents are links to their respective work order specification. We have also added image description under images in the specification.

August 2022

Lock work orders

Illustration showing how work orders are locked on Maindeck.

When in planning phase, as you are working on setting up a project specification, you can lock different work orders for edit, to avoid having colleagues making changes to them without your prior approval or knowledge. This gives you, as a project owner, more control and reduces risk when inviting your colleagues to your project.

August 2022

Draw or write on images on the mobile app

Mobile app interface showing Maindeck's edit mode

You now have the ability to add text and hand-drawings directly on top of images.

August 2022

Access documents from the mobile app

Screen shot from Maindeck's mobile app showing an accessible document

Access documents, such as PDF drawings, directly from your mobile app.

August 2022

Camera burst mode on the mobile app

With the camera burst mode, you can do continuous shooting with your camera. Just point and shoot as many images you need in a row. No additional clicks are required.

August 2022

Two-factor authentication

Image illustrating 2FA

To help you feel safer and more in control of your content, we've added in the ability for you and your team members to enable 2FA on your account.

August 2022

"What's new" widget inside the application

Image of Maindeck's in-app widget for new releases

With the new in-app widget, users will be notified of new releases and can learn about them right away. This will help make sure your users are always up to date with the latest capabilities, and are able to utilize them straight away.

August 2022

View cost in its original currency

Image displaying how the currency insight pop up works

All project-related costs on Maindeck are displayed to you in your base currency, but they are stored in their original currency in which they were quoted by either the yard or the supplier. If you wish to quickly view the cost in it's original currency, you can simply click on the cost to have a pop-up appear with a breakdown of the various amounts and their currency.

July 2022

Date stamp on all exports

With many exports being made during a project, we added this functionality to make it easier to see which export is from what time.

June 2022

Additional insights on the comparison matrix

We have now added analytics on cost items as well as an icon displaying where there are yard remarks.

June 2022

Project name automatically suggested

After noticing that the vast amount of projects follow the same naming convention (Ship name - project type - Year), we have released a function which automatically fills in this as a name suggestion for your project. You then have the option to overwrite this if you wish to.

June 2022

Option to “Select all” on Digital Shelf

If you need to add a batch of work from the Digital Shelf, you can do this by selecting all remaining items. For instance, if you want to add a batch of updates manually, you can apply necessary filters, choose select all and then apply.

May 2022

Ability to assign budget on group level

You can now specify a budget on group level, if this is something that is required in your organisation.

May 2022

Ability to assign account code per group

If you have specific account codes per group, you can select to assign these codes to your groups. This will help you create necessary cost overviews based on your account codes, making your financial department happy.

April 2022

Mark cost items as estimates

Cost comparison matrix with estimates.

You can now have cost items marked as being estimates, or have them marked as such automatically when applying auto estimates. Those that contain estimates will have an icon illustrating it, and you will also be able to see the total estimates for each yard candidate.

April 2022

Smarter search on the mobile app

We’ve improved the search functionality on the mobile app by making it smarter. This makes it even easier to lookup the work order you need.

April 2022

Ability to register new-building vessels (without IMO)

Until now, an IMO number has been required to register a vessel. This has made adding new-build projects difficult. With this change, you now have the ability to specify that a vessel is a new-build, which will exempt the IMO requirement.

April 2022

Adding links to documents in reports

We have now added a button called “Documents” on the Digital shelf. When inserting these documents into a report, they are added as the document name and with a link to the document on Maindeck. When sharing these reports with others, they can easily access these document on Maindeck. Such documents are often service reports from third parties.

March 2022

Ability to add new cost items directly in the comparison view

You can now add new cost items for specific yard’s quotations while in the comparison view. This option is most often used for adding manual estimates while seeing the other yards quotes in the same view. The most frequently used option by users is still the automatically applied estimates.

March 2022

New progress bar on work orders page

With this new progress bar makes it much easier for the user to quickly see the progress while browsing work orders.

March 2022

Saving external recipients

When adding external recipients of reports, these recipients are saved and remembered for future reports within that projects making it even faster to share reports.

February 2022

Table of content added to the PDF export

When exporting the project specification PDF, a table of content showing the work orders contained within it is now included automatically.

February 2022

New cost comparison matrix

Our new cost comparison matrix is unique in the industry. It includes functionalities that reduce the time spent on yard comparison from weeks to just minutes.

January 2022

A new and improved Gantt chart

Several improvements made to the Gantt chart.

With the new Gantt chart we have made several improvements: - Tree structure - The Gantt chart is now listed into the project's group structure by default. - Improved navigation - Easily navigate the chart with your mouse cursor (press, hold and drag). - Sort list - Easily sort the list based on start date, end date, group or more.

December 2021

In-browser memory of position of work orders in list

When you are working on work orders, you might be focusing on a specific work order, having expanded or collapsed certain groups to get the right position in the list. If you exit the site, and then come back to it later, it will remember where you left off so that you don't have to start navigating from scratch.

December 2021

Specific report template for cost

You can now generate a specific cost report without having to leave the budgeting and cost page.

December 2021

Rearrange groups inside a project

Rearrange the default order of groups in company settings.

To further simplify navigation of the work orders page, we have also added an option to rearrange the order of groups inside a project. The default order of groups is set by the company admin, but since each project might have some slight differences, users can now have the option to make certain tweaks themselves.

December 2021

Collapse-all button on list of work orders

With the list of work orders usually being very long and divided into several groups, being able to quickly navigate the page is essential. With our collapse-app button, this is made much easier.

December 2021

The Integration Hub is here!!

The Maindeck Integration Hub allowing you to connect to other programs.

Our API offers endless easy ways to sync applications, data, and workflows. With our long list of endpoints, there's simply no limit to what you can do.

December 2021

New variables available for report templates

We have added three new variables available for being used in report templates.

November 2021

Option for landscape-oriented reports

When generating reports, you now have the option to apply a landscape orientation.

November 2021

Bulk manage labels on templates

Adding various labels to a job template allows for easy filtering the template list and quicker adding a bulk of templates to a new project. With many companies having hundreds of job templates, it's important that you can easily manage the labels across all these templates. With this latest release, you can. It's now possible to bulk manage labels across templates.

November 2021

Improvements to the reporting module

We have made several improvements to the reporting module. Activity updates are now added as pure text and images, giving you even more freedom to edit and change the content as you see please. This improvement also solves the issue where in certain cases page breaks would appear across images.

October 2021

Invitation email to new users added to a project

Earlier, users would receive an email notification when they are added to the Maindeck account. With this change, users will also receive a similar email notification for every specific project they are added to.

October 2021

Rearrangement of the company-wide group list

You can now rearrange the order of your company-wide list of groups. This affects the the order in which the groups are added to a project.

October 2021

New alternative view of the work order list

A new view of the work order specification.

We have finally released the first version of the new work order list layout. On this page, work orders are visible under the different groups they belong to. The work orders are visible in a menu to the left, while the right side of the screen displays the content of the different work orders you select.

October 2021

Company groups settings

The company groups settings allow you to specify a common list of groups across your company. So when you create a new project, the list is copied to it as its default group structure. And when adding a new work order, you need to specify which group it belongs to in a drop-down menu instead of the previous free-text input field.

September 2021

Report template builder

The report template builder allowing you to set up company specific templates.

It's finally here! You can now build your very own report templates to be used across your company. Want a specific weekly report, a newbuilding report, or perhaps you just want to make specific changes to your daily report or final report? You can now do it all directly from within our unique report template builder. The templates you build will include real variables that you insert into them. These variables will then be populated once you generate a report based on this template. So you are creating complete report templates, not just empty shells that you later have to fill out manually.

September 2021

Auto-save functionality

When editing reports or report template, continue where you left off even if you forgot to save.

September 2021

Word export

In addition to exporting to PDF, you now also have the option to export your reports to Word.

September 2021

Page breaks

You can now override page breaks by adding them manually wherever you want inside a document.

August 2021

Cancel work orders via the mobile app

If you need to cancel a work order, you can do it directly on the mobile app. This functionality, like all other functionality on our mobile app, works offline.

August 2021

New, powerful text editor

Our new, powerful text editor is extremely robust and has all the features you need in a text editor. This allows you to edit text in description fields, reports and elsewhere exactly as you need.

August 2021

Bulk saving templates

When saving templates from a specific project you can now choose the "select all" option on your list of work orders. This is especially useful when you have perhaps completed your first project on Maindeck and want to save several/all work orders as templates.

July 2021

Import and export templates via Excel

With the ability to both import and export work order templates you can easily bulk edit or bulk add a list of templates.

July 2021

Search option on the mobile app

You can now easily search a work order on the mobile app. This allows you to quickly find a specific work order.

July 2021

Bulk select templates to add to a project

When adding templates to a specific project you can now choose the "select all" option on your list of templates. This list can be narrowed down by applying one or more filters to it.

June 2021

Weather widget

When generating reports, you can choose to include a weather widget which automatically fetches the weather data from the yard location and adds it to a weather overview in your report. By implementing it in your report template, all of this information is added automatically.

June 2021

Yard information page

When selecting a yard for your project a separate page called "Yard information page" will be created where you will find, among other things, coordinates and other yard related information.

May 2021

Dismissible warnings

When you import yard quotations, we automatically scan it for you and display warnings on various weaknesses we identify for you. These warnings are now possible to dismiss after having reviewed them, then you won't need to see them again.

May 2021

New and improved document center

We have released a new and improved document center, which allows you to see all project related files and images collected in one place as well as upload files directly.

April 2021

Updates to the mobile inspection app

Here are some of the added functionality to the mobile app: - Saving images taken on the app to your device's gallery.

April 2021

Expand/collapsable navigation bar

With the ability to collapse the navigation bar, it's easier for you to work on the project on smaller laptop screens or handheld devices.

March 2021

Individual pages for each owner supply

Just like you have the opportunity to view a work order on a specific page, you now also have the ability to do this per owner's supply. The main benefit of having this option is to be able to share specific owner's supplies as links with colleagues and others.

March 2021

Several updates to the mobile app

We have added several new functions to the mobile inspection app. Among these are progress bars, start and end dates and a the ability to remember any filters applied when you revisit the app.

March 2021

Yard comparison summary, in report format

After having imported the yard quotations and automatically evaluated the candidates in the yard comparison matrix, you are able to generate a summary report on PDF at the push of a single button. This report can, like all our other reports, be shared via email directly from within Maindeck.

March 2021

Attachments on owner's supply

You can now add attachments to owner's supply, just drag-n-drop files into each supply and keep all necessary documentation where it belongs so that it is easily accessible when you need it.

March 2021

In-browser memory for expand/collapsed work orders

As you are going through and reviewing yard quotations, users typically collapse work orders that have been reviewed. Previously, collapsed work orders were not stored as collapsed, so that it would be difficult to continue the review work later without having to collapse the completed ones first. This is now improved, so you can continue the work later without having to reorientate yourself.

February 2021

Company logo in reports

You can now add a company logo in settings that will be included automatically in report headers.

February 2021

Bookmark activity updates

By bookmarking activity updates, you will be able to find them easily later on. You can also choose to have bookmarked updates included directly to your reports.

February 2021

Ability to update progress without sending an activity update

You can now update a work orders progress without having to send an activity update. This was only possible on the mobile app before, but not it's also available on the web app.

February 2021

Gantt-chart improvements - hide/show work orders

Choose which work orders you want to see, or more specifically not see, on the Gantt chart.

February 2021

Reports shared as PDF attachments to emails

When sharing reports via email, you can select to include an automatically generated PDF as an attachment to the report. This attachment will then be in addition to the online version of the report.

February 2021

Additional content on the Digital shelf

We have added two more data tables on the Digital shelf: - Activity updates pasted into reports are now editable. This means you can add, remove, resize images, edit text and more.

February 2021

Handle different currencies and exchange rates

You can now handle different currencies from different shipyards and suppliers automatically on Maindeck. For each project, you will start by adding the various exchange rates from the different currencies to your main project currency. Then the currency of each yard and supplier is specified, and the rest is happening automatically in the background. All the different prices are stored in their given currency, but presented in your main project currency. This means you are allowed to update the exchange rates later, and this will update the project cost accordingly.

February 2021

Additional tags added for work orders

We have added additional tags for work orders (things that are to be included in the scope and quotations). These tags are: "NDT testing", "Welding" and "Disposal".

February 2021

Cost summary tables on the Budgeting and cost page

We have now added the ability to select show cost summary tables on the Budgeting and cost page. This means that as you cost is being updated through variation orders and increased consumables, the data is updated continuously and automatically. These cost summary tables are also found on the Digital shelf in reporting, so you can also add them to your reports.

January 2021

Specify main currency of your company

Specify the specific currency of your company and your project, and have all the cost details being updated accordingly.

January 2021

Added fields to the project specification export

The PDF export containing the project specification has been updated so that it now also contains a list referencing the cost items in the cost item sheet. This makes it easier for the shipyards to prepare and provide quotations.

January 2021

Default sorting of lists

We have now changed the default sorting/order of lists to follow the SFI/Coding structure. This applies to pages where we have a list of work orders and will help you orientate yourself quickly. You are still able to sort, filter and search these lists based on your own preferences.

January 2021

Additional content on the Digital shelf

We have added two more data tables on the Digital shelf: - Cost breakdown of yard costs - what was planned, what are the actuals, and how much do these two differ? This is shown in a table broken down to group level. - Progress per group and people. See how much progress is being made, and view it broken down to the various groups and people (yard, crew and specialists).

January 2021

New project status

You now also have the option to mark a specific work order as delayed.

December 2020

New single work order page

We have now released a new single work order page. The improved layout makes it easier to get a full overview of the work order, and allows for easier sharing of specific work orders.

December 2020

Additional content on the Digital shelf

The Digital shelf has proven to be a valuable tool for our users, and as requested we have added an additional feature to it: - Images on the Digital shelf are now searchable and possible to filter, making it much easier to find the exact image you are looking for.

November 2020

Manage your devices

You can now easily sign out on any devices directly from the web app. This helps you stay on top of which devices you are sign on to, which is an important security measure for both yourself and your company.

November 2020

Additional content on the Digital shelf

The Digital shelf has proven to be a valuable tool for our users, and as requested we have added more information to it. Now you will also find: - Images/gallery from all activity updates, variation updates and other uploads. - 2 more pre-filled data tables have been added as per customer requests.

November 2020

New version of the mobile app

A new version of the mobile inspection app is out, based on new synchronization APIs which are opening up an ocean of additional possibilities in the future, in addition to making the app more reliable and robust. The new release is out on both the App Store and Google Play.

November 2020

Visual quote check

Our visual quote check will automatically scan and check the imported quotations for issues. This will help you evaluate not only the quoted price, but also the quality of the quote. Some of the things we scan for at the moment are: - Tell the user if the quantity of a cost item is 0 or 1. - Tell the user if the price of a cost item is 0.

November 2020

Description of work done

You can now easily add a description of the work done on a work order, and choose to automatically include that description in the report.

November 2020

Resend invitations

When inviting your colleagues, if they for any reason don't receive the invitation, you can now easily resend the invitation from within Maindeck.