At Maindeck, we understand that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data is vital to your business, and we take our responsibility to protect it very seriously.

Application security

Industry leading encryption in transit

All data transfers from a device to Maindeck's secure cloud with industry standard SSL encryption.

Secure authentication

Passwords are stored and transmitted securely and hashed using a strong salt.

Automated vulnerability detection

All Maindeck applications are scanned weekly for vulnerabilities, including but not limited to OWASP Top 10.

Protection against application attacksMaindeck uses controls and technologies to prevent attackers from exploiting application-level vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure security

Strict access control policies

Access to customer data internally is limited and provided only when absolutely required or requested by the customer. Code repositories are protected using multifactor authentication.

Risk mitigation

Document uploads are restricted to specific file types to prevent malicious code from being executed on clients or on our cloud hosting machines.View the full list of supported file types.

Secrets management

Maindeck uses SaaS industry standard processes for managing and storing encryption keys.

Automated vulnerability detection

Maindeck's infrastructure is scanned daily for vulnerable packages.

DoS and DDoS protection

Maindeck's applications and infrastructure are protected against Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, ensuring our high uptime.

Multifactor authentication

Access to the production environment is restricted to a few authorized Maindeck personnel. Multifactor authentication is always required to access production systems.

Physical security

Highly secure cloud

Maindeck hosts data in Google data centers, which is an industry leader in secure hosting facilities management. Read more about security at Google.

Access to Google data centers requires multi-factor authentication, and all access is logged. Logs are routinely audited. Professional security staff are present at the data centers 24/7. Uninterruptible Power Supplies prevent downtime and backup generators are installed in every data center.

Available worldwide

World-class cloud service you can count on

Maindeck's SLA ensures 99.5% uptime for services. Databases and infrastructure are available in multiple countries worldwide, allowing resilience in the face of natural disasters or service interruptions.


Application and data portability

Maindeck provides well documented and easily accessible interfaces to help ensure customer data is not 'locked in' and that the cost for moving to another cloud provider is minimal.

Third party security assessments

Maindeck's applications are tested using industry leading vendors.

Continuous Education

All Maindeck employees are trained on security best practices at time of hire and are re-trained annually.

Third party vendor review

Our vendors work just as hard as we do to ensure your data is safe and secure. All third party vendors are audited for compliance with Maindeck's security standards.