Maindeck product updates - May 2021

Product updates

Currencies in yard quotes and owner's supplies, variation orders on the mobile app and much more.

Currencies and exchange rates

You can now handle different currencies from different shipyards and suppliers automatically on Maindeck. For each project, you will start by adding the various exchange rates for the different currencies on your project. When the exchange rates are specified, the rest happens automatically in the background so you can focus on costs in your own currency.

Variation orders on the mobile app

When identifying an additional job on a project, you no longer need to get back to the office to update the software. Instead, you can register it directly from the palm of your hand. Our mobile app has been updated so that, if you have the correct permissions, you can easily register variation orders via your phone.

Easy-to-share yard comparison report

After having imported the yard quotations and automatically evaluated the candidates in the yard comparison matrix, you are able to generate a summary report on PDF at the push of a single button. This report can, like all our other reports, be shared via email directly from Maindeck.

Dark mode on the mobile app

We have now released dark mode on our mobile app. This is a very important feature for some of our users and we hope you enjoy it too!

Additional data on the digital shelf

We have added much more data and functionality to the Digital Shelf. Activity updates pasted into reports are now editable. This means you can add, remove, resize images, edit text and more.

We have also added more filtering options when searching images and added several more cost tables that you can choose to insert into your reports.

Other releases include:

  • Individual pages for each owner's supply.#nbsp;Just like you have the opportunity to view a work order on a specific page, you now also have the ability to do this per owner's supply. The main benefit of having this option is to be able to share specific owner's supplies as links with colleagues and others.
  • Attachments to owner's supplies.#nbsp;You can now add attachments to owner's supply, just drag-n-drop files into each supply and keep all necessary documentation where it belongs so that it is easily accessible when you need it.
  • In-browser memory for expand/collapsed work orders#nbsp;Continue the work where you left off without having to reorientate yourself.
  • Company logo in reports. You can now add a company logo in settings that will be included automatically in report headers.
  • Bookmark activity updates.#nbsp;By bookmarking activity updates, you will be able to find them easily later on. You can also choose to have bookmarked updates included directly to your reports.
  • Gantt-chart improvements. Choose which work orders you want to see, or more specifically not see, on the Gantt chart.
  • Reports shared as PDF attachments to emails#nbsp;When sharing reports via email, you can select to include an automatically generated PDF as an attachment to the report. This attachment will then be in addition to the online version of the report.
  • Expand/collapsable navigation bar.#nbsp;With the ability to collapse the navigation bar, it's easier for you to work on the project on smaller laptop screens or handheld devices.