Maindeck product updates - October 2021

Product updates

Introducing: The template builder.

It's finally here! You can now build your very own report templates to be used across your company. Want a specific weekly report, a new-build report, or perhaps you just want to make some changes to your daily or final report? You can now do it all directly from within our unique report template builder and release them as company-wide templates.#nbsp;

The templates you build will include real variables which you can easily insert yourself. These variables will then be populated once you generate a report based on the template. So instead of generating empty shells that you have to fill out manually, you are creating report templates that will produce complete reports at the click of a button, tailored to your company's specific needs.

Document centre - all files in one place.

With our new and improved document centre you are able to see all project files reflected in one centralised hub. From here, you can easily browse images and files, control details and descriptions and download any files you want. If needed, you can also upload more files directly from within the document centre.

A new, powerful editor.

With this advanced editor our users have access to the best tool on the market. This is the same powerful editor used by the likes of IBM, Siemens and Microsoft.

You now have access to all the same functionality that you already use during your work day. This gives you full editing options when setting up your company report templates, editing job descriptions, adding preambles or when making final edits on an auto-generated report.

Even more functionality on the mobile app.

We have added several new features on the mobile app. This includes the ability to cancel jobs directly from the mobile phone and a search field in the list of jobs to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

As always, all features have full offline compatibility.

And many other releases, including:

  • Word export.#nbsp;In addition to exporting to PDF, you also have the option to export your reports to Word documents.
  • Auto-save functionality.#nbsp;When editing reports or report templates, continue the work where you left off even if you forgot to save.
  • Draft versions. When editing a report, you can choose to continue on an unsaved drafts.
  • Page breaks on reports.#nbsp;You can now override page breaks by adding them manually wherever you want inside a document.
  • Weather widget in reports.#nbsp;When generating reports, you can choose to include a weather widget to your templates which automatically fetches weather data from the yard location and adds it to a weather section in your report.#nbsp;
  • Yard information page.#nbsp;When selecting a yard for your project a separate page called "Yard information page" will be created where you will find yard related information.
  • Import job templates.#nbsp;Easily set up your company's library of job templates by importing them from Excel.
  • Bulk save and bulk add job templates.#nbsp;Whether you are saving a group of templates at once, or adding a group of them to a project, you can now select the bulk add or bulk save option and have it all completed in a matter of seconds.