Maindeck version 2.0 is here!

Product updates

Report generator, Excel import, chat, activity charts, automatic visual quote checks on import and much more. Below is a list of the key new releases in Maindeck v2.

The most powerful report tool available.

Our reporting tool utilises specific templates which are automatically populated with the latest variables, giving you a pre-filled report at the push of a button.

Furthermore. we have gathered everything you need on a shelf, right above the text area. From here you can add any images, pre-populated data tables, charts, activity updates, variation orders and much more.

An easy-to-use Excel import tool.

With our very intuitive and easy-to-use import tool, you can now import work orders, POs, yard quotations and much more in just one minute. This allows you to quickly get started using Maindeck even when a lot of your work orders are registered in your PMS system. Our importing tool is extremely versatile and works for a long range of different types of data.

Project overview with activity charts.

We have released an entirely new project overview. For each project, you can see the stage, status and an activity chart. The activity chart is showing you the level of activities for each project over a 52 week time period. This gives you a quick overview of where work is being put down.

In addition, each users now has an activity feed showing the all activities on projects the user is involved with.

Chat with your colleagues directly inside Maindeck

You and your team can now add your comments to each and every work order and keep the communication inside of Maindeck. With the ability to keep comments and discussions inside Maindeck, it's yet another functionality allowing you to use Maindeck as a single source of truth for your dry-docking projects.

Other releases include:

  • Single-sign on (SSO) for both Microsoft and Google.#nbsp;You are now be able to sign on to Maindeck with either your Microsoft or Google account.
  • New version of the mobile inspection app.#nbsp;The new version is built on a synchronisation API, which not only opens up a lot of possibilities for the future, but also is much more reliable and robust.
  • Document center.#nbsp;Quickly store and access project-relevant documents across your team.
  • Filter content in PDF export.#nbsp;Apply any types of filters to your PDF export to get the exact PDF format you need. For instance, create an export including only the work orders that are to be executed by the yard.
  • Project statuses.#nbsp;You can now declare different statuses for each project. These are in addition to the various phases of a project, so at all times it's clear not only where your project stands, but also how things are going with regards to the schedule.
  • Transfer project ownership.#nbsp;Transfer project ownership is handy if someone quits or for other reasons can't continue with the project.
  • New work order layout.#nbsp;The work order list has been upgraded, with each work order card now containing more information making it easier and quicker to work on the page.
  • Additional fields on the yard comparison matrix.#nbsp;You can now also add additional field for comparison between the yards, such as bunker cost, deviation cost, loss or earnings and more.
  • Add attachments to variation orders.#nbsp;Add any file, email or other type of documentation which might come in handy at a later stage.
  • Own tags for standard work orders.#nbsp;You can for instance define one tag called "Class", another one called "5 year docking", and perhaps one per group of sister vessels. By applying these tags accordingly, it's easier to later apply a batch of standard work orders to a specific project.
  • Better access management.#nbsp;The visual interface makes sure that you are never in doubt who has access to what, either it be an internal person or someone external who you have given permission to provide updates through the mobile app.
  • Description of work done.#nbsp;You can now easily add a description of the work done on a work order, and choose to automatically include that description in the report.
  • Resend invitations.#nbsp;When inviting your colleagues, if they for any reason don't receive the invitation, you can now easily resend the invitation from within Maindeck.
  • Automatic visual quote checks.#nbsp;Our visual quote check will automatically scan and check the imported quotations for issues. This will help you evaluate not only the quoted price, but also the quality of the quote.
  • Manage your devices.#nbsp;You can now easily sign out on any devices directly from the web app. This helps you stay on top of which devices you are sign on to, which is an important security measure for both yourself and your company.
  • New single work order page.#nbsp;The improved layout makes it easier to get a full overview of the work order, and allows for easier sharing of specific work orders.