Our visit to Scandlines' hybrid vessel MV Deutschland


This week we had the extraordinary privilege of embarking on Scandlines' hybrid marvel - the MV Deutschland. More than a vessel, it stands as a testament to sustainable engineering and heralds a vision for a greener maritime future.

Invited onboard by Pit Lorenz, Superintendent at Scandlines, we were given the opportunity to delve into their experiences from the recent Maindeck trial.

From left to right: Oleh Kupriianov, Pit Lorenz and Sasan Mameghani.

“We were very impressed by Maindeck and wanted to invite them onboard to share our impressions and plan the way forward” says Pit Lorenz.

Their constructive feedback and insightful suggestions for improvement on the completed trial opened avenues for innovative thinking. It's these enriching exchanges that will help shape our future roadmap. In light of these discussions, look forward to some major releases, particularly on the mobile app and the yard tendering process.

Stepping onboard the MV Deutschland was akin to voyaging into the future. This hybrid vessel, a stunning mix of robust design and groundbreaking technology, surpassed our expectations. During our guided tour across the ship, we bore witness to the massive batteries powering this vessel, a sight unlike anything we have experienced before. This tour offered us a firsthand appreciation of the intricate engineering and sustainable practices that set this vessel apart in the maritime industry.

Our day at sea concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and an elevated respect for Scandlines' pioneering work in the field of sustainable shipping. Our heartfelt thanks go to the Scandlines team for their warm hospitality and for their shared commitment to driving innovation. We left the MV Deutschland inspired and eager to carry forward the insights and knowledge we gained from this unforgettable visit."