SeaDream Yacht Club chooses Maindeck's dry-docking solution

Contract news

Maindeck's dry-docking solution was selected as the preferred dry-docking solution by SeaDream Yacht Club.

SeaDream is looking to the future by selecting Maindeck as their dry-docking solution.

"We are very pleased to have been selected by SeaDream. They are an innovative company providing the highest level of service to their customers, matching our own philosophy. We are excited to help SeaDream with innovative solutions for the future" says Maindeck's CEO, Sasan Mameghani.

Maindeck's dry-docking solution is helping ship management companies through the entire process of a dry-docking project, from early preparation to execution on site. The solution includes a web application that requires no installation or up-front investments - the beauty of a modern cloud-based SaaS. In addition, Maindeck users benefit from a fully integrated mobile inspection app, which also has offline functionality.

"Our dry-docking solution is reducing time spent on projects and unforeseen costs on site. We enable users to gain a complete view of the project and all related activities - giving them full control of every step of the project. This control in turn allows for major cost and time savings", says Maindeck's CEO, Sasan Mameghani.

"While competing solutions make an already complex process even more complex, we are focusing on leveraging available expertise with modern technology, allowing users to focus on their actual work and achieve better results", Mameghani continues.

About SeaDream Yacht Club

Established in 2001, SeaDream Yacht Club launched with twin mega-yachts, SeaDream I and SeaDream II, and has achieved the industry's highest accolades. In 2019, SeaDream announced the launch of SeaDream#nbsp;Innovation, a state-of-the-art yacht which will sail all over the world starting in 2021. "Global Yachting" defines SeaDream's mission: to provide a casual yachting experience that exceeds guests' expectations as they explore the world's most amazing destinations.

The SeaDream team, both shoreside and aboard, enjoy knowing they are providing unprecedented levels of luxury and service. SeaDream's guests appreciate that whatever they choose to do (or not to do, for that matter) during their yachting holiday, they will be experiencing one of the best vacation experiences at sea.

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